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Welcome to Cardigan Photo

This site is for anyone interested in photography within 40 miles of Cardigan, whether as a photographer, a visitor or just curious. We'll be topical, promptly publishing local images, and highlighting upcoming photo-opportunities.

We've learnt from previous local photographic activity to embrace two differing audiences:-

a. Visitors (& locals) keen to discover interesting locations & new subjects worth visiting, &

b. Keen local photographers who wish to find new challenges, & to compare their experiences around the world, be it in Cardigan, Cambodia or Canada - & anywhere photogenic in-between.

We’ll share images amongst those who enjoy them. We'll include as many locations, subjects, & styles as possible. Anyone can submit images or content, but please ensure submissions will be of interest to at least one of the two groups above. We won’t concentrate purely on competition-quality photographs.

We encourage use of this site as a virtual meeting of minds where we can share opinions & experience, & possibly arrange photo-events.

Useful library of galleries showing local scenes, subjects & activities. We’ll aim to give information to describe where images were photographed, possibly why, & perhaps how!

These give potential & current visitors a glimpse of what’s around here, so they can decide what they fancy. We’ll cover fine-weather & all-weather venues, & will include unusual venues for the family or individuals.

Any photographers can contribute to this regional library, but local folk may also wish to show what they photograph when out of area.

Information on local events, concentrating on photogenic activities e.g local fetes & fairs, agricultural shows, heritage events, walks, sporting events & so on. You’ll get clues on the more permanent static attractions from galleries!

Local photography groups (physical or virtual) & suppliers can describe what they offer, to whom. Some groups feature competitive activity, others are aimed at beginners & improvers. Suppliers offer materials, services, or local photographs.

Web sites take time & effort to maintain. You can help our quest for vitality by submitting material & providing feedback.

Enjoy the area, enjoy the light & take great photographs. Just make sure you watch out for the cliff edge as you take that masterpiece - or at least make sure your insurance is paid up!

Cardigan Photo webmaster - Terry@cardiganphoto.co.uk

tel. 01348 872155

Penbryn beach horses

Aberaeron harbour

Photos and galleries should be sent in .jpg format.

please contact us if you want information on sizes.

Please email Terry if you have any pictures, questions or suggestions for this site.

The copyright for images and texts on this site belong to the individuals who submitted them.

Site copyright Terry Hounsome 2012